The Boy from the North Wind
A Scandinavian Folk Tale, illustrated and painted using water colours and coloured pencils while I was doing a summer programme in Children's Book illustration at Rhode Island School of Design.
As part of another assignment I had the opportunity to represent a classic story that I read as a child. I used water colours, ink and coloured pencils.
Published Work
This is a published book. The book is about a crocodile who wants to get out of his comfort zone and explore the world like the rest of his friends.
Mirabee's trip to Coorg
This book was specially written and illustrated for my niece, Mira. The book is based on a true story where my husband (Soma Khawkhaw as Mira calls him) was chased by an elephant. Mira needed an explanation for why Gaja (the notorious elephant) would do such a thing. I made this book to put a positive spin on the incident and make sure her memory from the Trip to Coorg and her first experience with an elephant are happy things.
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